Suite No.1 for halldorophone

Composition by Max Lilja

By cellist and composer Max Lilja (FI).

Suite No.1 for halldorophone, (2016)

Max Lilja is a founding member of the legendary cello-centric, stadium rock band Apocalyptica, he is an accomplished composer and performer of his own music, he scores film, TV and games alongside with numerous other musical projects. Max was conscripted by Esa Lilja (no relation) as halldorophonist for Esa´s 2016 Hrímhvíta Móðir and consequently became inspired to compose his own music for the instrument.


Max (right) in workshop with a student and Professor Andrew Bentley (left) at the Centre for Music & Technology of the Sibelius Academy Helsinki

Some of Max’s words about using the halldorophone: “It’s a very physical instrument and as the main principle is to learn to control the feedback resonances it really forces you to rethink the whole concept of playing an instrument. Very cinematic sound somewhere between music and sound design.”